The Best and Professionally Managed Cloud Hosting Providers for This Year

When it comes to hosting, a lot of people prefer to get cloud hosting. These are the best and professionally managed cloud hosting providers for this year!

Cloud hosting is a new and modern type of hosting solution, suitable for bigger websites and online projects. The functionalities of cloud hosting are similar to VPS hosting, however, it works in a totally different way.

If you are a web developer or you already run a website or blog, we highly advise you to get a managed WordPress hosting instead of cloud hosting, however, if you are running a big online project and you have multi websites that receive lots of traffic, a cloud hosting would be the ideal option for you.

In this article, we will discuss the best and top-recommended cloud hosting service providers for 2018. Before we present the providers, let’s see the difference between cloud and VPS hosting.



  • VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Server or VPS is a server with its own distributed server resources and operating system. You can host your Virtual Private Server in a virtual environment. There are numerous benefits of using this server and some of them are VPS hosting is less expensive when compared to cloud hosting, no file or data access happens between VPS users on the server, if one VPS is rebooted, it doesn’t affect at all on other VPSs.
  • Cloud Hosting – Cloud servers are connected together and backed by special SAN storages. The cloud servers are connected together with multiple machines and the best part is that you can get unlimited bandwidth, storage, and top-notch hardware. The advantages of using cloud hosting are cloud servers are totally scalable, if you want you can add more server power if a physical server fails, the cloud servers are automatically moved to another server without any serious issue. Cloud hosting provides burstable computer resource s there is a smaller chance of reaching the highest level resources. Each customer can choose their specific operating system and if a customer gets a virus or gets hacked, the cloud server will be separated and it wouldn’t affect other servers.

The Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers for This Year are:

  • SiteGround – This site offers fully managed cloud hosting and if you have a small online project or you simply want to host a high traffic website, then this provider is your best option. Regardless of the hosting plan, you are going to choose, you will receive 1 dedicated IP, WHM and cPanel, Free SSL certificates, Tables Firewall, and SSH access. The features that come with the hosting plan include auto-scalable resources, ultra-fast platform, daily backups and auto update, staging areas, 1 click WordPress installer, GIT Integrated, Free CDN, and 24/7 customer support. The price is $80 per month.
  • HostGator – This is one of the best cloud hosting service providers that supercharge your website easily. You can get hosting at a pretty affordable price. Their basic hosting plan starts at $4.95 per month and comes with 2GB memory, 1 CPU, unlimited storage, and unlimited data transfer. Each hosting plan comes with powerful SS drives, local caching, data monitoring, and cPanel.
  • RackSpace – This is the largest and best-managed cloud hosting provider that offers expertise across the leading clouds. They collaborate with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Services, OpenStack, and VMware. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small business or you a big enterprise, they can offer you the best solutions to meet your needs. The features that come with hosting plans are top-notch system hardware, scalable, powerful managed cloud hosting, pay as you go billing, and 24×7 expert support.

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