Web hosting providers can be a nightmare if they fail to deliver and as a result, people suffer great losses. Despite their drawbacks, the individuals seeking their services still stick with them, and the most mind-boggling question is why people hate changing their web hosting providers even the very bad ones.

Here are the reasons why people still stick to their bad web hosting providers.

1. They are affordable

Some web hosting providers are relatively cheap, and this makes them more affordable and convenient for people. In spite of the poor services rendered, businesses may stick to them as they fit within their budgets.

2, Type of OS you are currently using

Another reason why people stick to bad web hosting providers is the type of OS and technology needed to host their website. For example, if a website requires specific Microsoft technologies, people will have to remain with a Windows web hosting plan. This inhibits one’s ability to leave a bad web hosting provider.

3. Ability to expand

Most people go for web hosting providers that guarantee a room for expansion and storage in the future. Hence people will remain with the web hosting provider with such a capacity despite their inability to deliver.

4. For Security purposes

Security is a major concern when it comes to web hosting. The higher the level of security provided by a web host provider, the more the loyalty from customers. Even if the provider experiences a lot of downtimes and offers poor customer service, people might still stick to their services as their website is always safe from malicious attacks from hackers and other users.

5. Easier access and control

People prefer having control over their server’s maintenance schedule and software updates, and for this reason, they may continue working with bad web hosting providers that offer room for such.

6. Speed

Speed to access your site can determine whether to stick with your web host provider or not. If your website provider offers high-speed access to websites, one can overlook their bad aspects and stick with them for long.

7. Legal Compliance

People may endure poor services from web host providers that have complied with the rules and regulations put in place especially when handling sensitive matters to avoid legal actions against them.

Always take your time researching before deciding on the web hosting provider you will work with as this will create room for more options and variety.