Web Hosting Providers

There are plenty of web hosting services on the internet; after all, it’s a business. The reason why web hosting is so big is that every website needs a server or host to run on. Thus the demand for hosting grows continually. It’s an ever-growing cycle with thousands of pages being created every day that need some form of hosting to be visible on the internet.

Reselling hosting plans is easier than competing with hosting companies

People who don’t know how to run or create their own servers are willing to pay for them for a monthly or yearly fee. Thanks to this, the market has expanded, and now people have found a way of making money with hosting services. Though the demand for hosting services is big, the number of hosting services that appear to take advantage of this situation is also big. A new hosting service can’t compete with an established one with years of experience that’s why they turn to reselling a host.

Your customers think you are the hosting company

When companies get hosting services from you, they hardly know that you are not the actual hosting company or that you are just a person that purchased a reseller plan from an actual hosting company. Of course, this method is mostly used by aspiring businessmen who want to establish their hosting company in the future.

How can I resell hosting plans?

What you have to do to resell hosting services is to study your market and take notice of what companies usually ask or need for their hosting plans. Then you pick the right hosting company that offers a reselling plan that will meet all the requirements you are going to need to implement to your business. After that, you just have to create your own brand of hosting packages that will make you look like a legit hosting company, set your prices and start your business.

Here are the best reseller companies

1.        Inmotion hosting

 Inmotion features:ü  SSD reseller hosting that comes with Free cPanel/WHM accessü  WHMCS to keep your reseller business organizedü  Free IP address and site backup

2.        HostGator

 HostGator features:ü  Excellent reseller cPanelü  Unlimited domains, MYSQL databases, and emailsü  Reseller plans include WHMCS

3.        SiteGround

SiteGround features:ü  Reseller credits starting from $42/credit/yearü  Unlimited MYSQL databases and data transferü  Free cPanel, CloudFare CDN, and SSH access